What People Are Saying about Dr. Haley's Work

"Thank you so much for working with my son during the difficult teenage years.  You provided him with a safe and confidential environment for him to navigate life with his peers.  Your expertise in social skills gave him what he lacked to function in the world.  Your group provided the success my son needed in life."  L.D.

"[My son] is doing very well after he participated in Dr. Haley's Peer Process Social Skills Group.  He learned to interact without anxiety, discern social cues, and establish both close friends and casual relationships."  A.R.

"Dr. Haley's group has worked really well for [him]. His grades have come up. He has improved very much from last year. [He] always felt really comfortable with Dr. Haley and we really enjoyed working with him." M.B.

"[She's] been doing great since she joined the group. She continues to spend time with the friends she made there." M.M.